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Gabby Grace,

I am assuming he is not taking the medication for chronic pain? From your post, I gather that your grandson is just flat out telling the doctor lies? How much is this doctor giving and what medication?

I would say what can be done depends on how much meds this doc is handing out and what the meds are. If your grandson is going in once a month and getting 30 Lortab for "muscle pain" and that is it, there is probably not much that can be done-as this is a reasonable dose and they would have to prove your grandson is fibbing. However, if your grandson is getting 120 Oxycontin a month for "muscle pain" that is a different story. I would think you could call the state medical board or something....maybe obtain some records from the pharmacy and send a written letter along with the pharmacy info. (Is your grandson on your daughters insurance? If so, ask the insurance to send you their Rx records.) Things could get sticky with the HIPPA laws, but where there is a will there is a way!! :) Good luck.
I didn't explain this situtation very well, I was upset when I wrote the post last night. Here is the deal. My Grandson went to this Dr. when he was in a car wreak and he gave him soma (30) I didn't think anything about it but my Daughter finally told me the whole thing about this last night. She tries not to tell me anything that might worry me. My Grandsons girlfriend's Mom was a nurse ( I don't know why she no longer works, I guess from something medical) anyway she gets pills from this doctor and hands them out to her kids (a son and daughter 19 & 22) like they are candy.So of course she gives them to my Grandson as well. The other night the mother sat up all night taking "xanex bars" whatever the heck that is and called a friend trying to trade pills for pot! She has vicoden, xanex, kalonipin,soma and anything else she seems to want and I know for a fact this doctor is giving them to her. It's just a big mess. I don't care what this woman does but when my Grandson is in the middle of it I'm worried sick. My Daughter says this woman is a nut and really strung out. I guess I kind of sound like a nut myself but I'm just so worried. I take lortab for severe neck pain and I keep them locked up and never take more than what I'm prescribed. I know people need some meds to live day to day but this is not right and I just don't want my grandson getting into trouble or addicted or anything else. He is not hurting physically,so I know he doesn't need medication. He is just caught up in this mess. I just want to know if there is someone I can contact to have this investigated. I'm not trying to have some doctor shut down, but I do think he needs to be checked out to see if he is giving out too much to people.