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Hi, I'm new here and don't know what to do. I just found out that my husband is up to 8 or 9 Lortab 10 a day. I called his father to come over and he cried, said he wanted help. He thinks that he can just stop but I know better. Is there any advice on tapering off. He says that he can't miss work but I am VERY worried about him and our marriage. He is very ill, mean I would say and for that past 2 nights he has'nt slept at all but still trying to work. He is also having a lot of pain. :confused:
Kathy...Welcome to the boards! I'm so sorry to hear that your hubby is going through this (and you & his dad as well). First of all, since he's taking them for pain, coming off of them altogether may not be the answer. He's still going to be in pain after he's off, and he'll be more than miserable, and looking for anything he can find to fix his pain. In a situation like this, a pain management doctor (or at the very least, a family doc) is desperately needed. Sounds like he's hurting, and I know you hate to see him going through this. Many doctors choose to put someone like him, who is in chronic pain, on something that is long-acting, like a Duragesic Patch, Oxycontin, or MS Contin, or some other long-acting narcotic that will keep his pain at a managable level, while allowing him to function and take less medication. Long-acting meds are less likely to cause a "high" feeling, because they keep the meds at a steady level in his body throughout the day and night.

This is a scary thing, I'm sure, and I am praying for him, and for you (and his Dad). Is it back pain? And does he have a good doctor? Because he's an adult, there is nothing you can do to "make him" want to get off these meds. And if he's hurting badly, then he may feel like he's doing the only thing he can to get by and work normally.

Please stand by him through this, as he will need you now more than ever. You were smart to get his father involved, because as someone said earlier, getting it all out on the table is key in a situation like this!! There are better options, though, than taking that many Lortab 10 a day, and with the right combo of meds, he can live comfortably and productively. You're a good woman, Kathy!! Please know that we're here for you! (((hugs)))
I'm sorry you're going thru this. I have never been addicted to anything other than soda and cigarettes, so I have no real insight.
I have been thru my fair share of physical pain tho and could get a boat load of narcotics from any doctor I see because of my medical conditions, but I choose not to out of fear of addiction.
I do know that there are different levels of addiction and different reasons for addiction. If your DH was prescribed pain pills for a true pain and he became addicted trying to actually kill the pain, then that's a whole nother ballgame. It's going to be a hard road for him, unlike ppl that use to get high your husband actually needs medicine to dull pain so he function like a normal human.
I would call his doctor or make an appt and see the doctor yourself. There may be a alternate medicine, injections, accupuncture, therapy, etc... that can be used in place of the lortab or other narcotics to dull the pain. The doctor may be able to prescribe a proxy lortab. A fake pill that looks like a lortab but has no medicinal use. If he's truly addicted because of the pain it will be much easier to overcome if the pain is taken care of in other ways. Get a lock and key and keep his meds under your thumb at all times. Give them as directed. Look into OTC relief...heat patches, naproxin, vitamins, etc... and intergrate them into the mix. As much pain as I'm in most days naproxin, motrin, and 2 vitamin B12 pills help tremendously.
Good luck.
Proxy, or "placebo" medications aren't used in most places (they're really only used in trials or studies), and I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a doc who would do that to him (as he is in pain). The only "placebo" I know of is Cebocap, and it's a lactose pill, and I have read about lawsuits that resulted, as the patients felt tricked. Like Kentucky said, it's one thing to be taking them for the high, and another for pain. If he is taking too much of the Lortab, it could be because 1) he enjoys the high, and has built a tolerance or 2) he has built a tolerance, and he needs more and more to actually control his pain. Only your husband knows, and I suspect that if he were offered the appropriate pain control (with a pain management doc), he would be a new man!