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I can understand completely what you are going through. My first wife had the same attitude. Its a education issue, they are not willing to go reasearch it and feel there opinions are more important than the facts. My wife is a RN on a pediatric BMT unit and she did not understand the complete facts untill I sat her down and told her and showed her. I considered going to outpatient rehab without telling anyone but decided not to hide from anyone. I start my sub Friday. I was lucky found a outpatient rehab that is great, the guy that started this clinic was very sucessfull in business and kicked a huge pain pill addiction that bankrupted him despite of a 250,000 income. Good luck and wish you the best on whatever path you decide to go on to beat this. Ive had a lortab addiction for over 3 years 10 to 20 a day depending on stress level and finances.