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[QUOTE=goalsOF2007;3537934]Good luck to you and I wish you the best.
Please keep us posted on your process during/after the total taper.

I was also thinking of trying SUB.
Is the cost the same as Methadone clinic?
Does insurance benefits cover the cost.?

Currently on a low dose of Methadone (I really want to get off)
80.00 a week out of pocket cost for the methadone.
Having to go to clinic more i really would like to.

Methadone has totally been a life saver for me!
sub can be very expensive, most sub dr.s do not take insurance and the pills are extremely expensive if you don't have ins. (about $8 a pill). my first visit to my sub dr. was $400 and then $200 a month, thank god i have ins., so the cost is $50 for me.(for the pills) sub has a huge advantage over meth in the fact that you don't have to go to a clinic everyday. the drug co. that makes sub also has a program where every sub dr. can treat 2 pt.s for free. there are also studies where you can get your sub for free. sub dr.s have a 100 pt. limit so finding a doctor may be hard if you don't live in a big city. it is supposed to be easier to detox off sub, other than meth, but many people have a hard time getting off and have paws for months--but that depends on how long you are on sub. most people say it is easier to use sub for only 2-3 weeks. if you are switching from meth to sub, you must taper your meth down to 30mg and then wait until you're in withdrawl. for meth--most people have to wait at least 36 hours. if you are on short acting opiates, most people have to wait 12 hrs. you have to gauge your withdrawls by the C.O.W.S scale--your dr. can explain that. some dr.s induct in their office and watch you for a couple of hr.s and some--like my dr.--gives a script and you go home to induct. it is ALWAYS best to start off at a low dose--2mg, then wait an hour, if you need more, take another 2mg etc... the best dose is the dose that stops withdrawls and cravings. i started out at 16mg/day, and i had been taking 80 10mg lortab a day or 50 ultrams a day if i couldn't get the lortab. i took 8mg and felt absolutely fine in 30min. i am now tapering and trying to get off asap to lessen the paws. good luck to you and please educate yourself about sub before you begin. also, i would suggest to anyone--get a doctor that is an addictionologist or is very knowledgeable about sub, because some just don't have a clue and will give ridiculously high doses. sub has a ceiling effect at 16mg, but some long term meth pt.s will have to start a little higher.