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Hey everybody, I have been trying to get off of hydrocodone for awhile now. I have tapered down what I take orally (the body aches were to bad to quit cold turkey) but now the past 3-4mths my nose has started killing me burning, stinging, making my eye water on the side I snort and I have discovered a little hole and thats where most of the burning and stinging come from.
I can deal with my nose aching but the burning about drives me crazy, I sleep about 2hrs every night its getting so bad I have tried drinking alchohol to alleviate it taking ativan but I still have to snort to coat it I don't know how else to explain it. I am commited to quitting and am not trying to make excuses but I cannot deal with the burning I would quit snorting if it wasn't for that, I am not hung up on the "novelty" of snorting anymore and it is not a must.
I cannot go to rehab, I live in a very rural area so everybody would know if I attended a meeting (which all we have is AA) the closest NA meeting is 2hrs away and I cannot get away that long and gas prices forget about it. I am afraid that I am going to get addicted to alchohol (that has been a problem before) or ativan if this continues and I don't want to quit one drug to get hooked on another. Please if you have ay suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
I have tried hot and cold compresses on the outside of my nose, alchohol, ativan and thought about packing my nose with A&D ointment and packing it, motrin doesn't help so just anything that doesn't have to do with another drug please help I am tired of checking my nose for pink residue or worrying when I am talking to somebody that I didn't get it all or my nose start running and being bright pink from Lortab. Thank you guys in advance and good luck on your road to recovery as well.