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Hey guys..

Well, it's been a full week since Sub. If I start to feel bad.. I take an ultram.. but I go to my regular Dr tomorrow and am going to lay it all out and see what he says.. My moods have been shifting a lot.. (more than normal for a female.. ;) ) He talked about once I was off the sub putting me on Wellbutrin.. so I don't know.. I just want to be free of taking all things.. but I know it's a gradual process.. if you chose the route I did. You just take things to get you through the process and then wean off of it.. lol What a circle. Lortab to methadone to morphine to suboxone, klonopin and rozeram for sleeping, (which is not habit forming BTW) and now the ultram when I start feeling the butterflies in my stomach and the leg pain or back pain.. As for how to handle the real pain once I'm through all this.. I have no idea... what do people with chronic pain do once they become an addict.. and can't take the medicine that makes the pain go away??????? That's a big question for me.. that no one seems to be able to answer.

Anyway, just checkin in.. I'm hanging in there and getting better every day I think. I ended up having a virus this weekend on top of this.. so that was nice.. lol

Peace out.. talk to yous guys later..

ultram was one of my doc's when i couldn't get lortab--it is very addictive and not safe for any recovering addict. i had 6 grand-mal seizures from it!! it is an atypical opiate--which means our brains process it like a regular opiate--works on the same receptors--so be careful and congrats on your recovery!!