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hi, i started out pretty much the same as you--ended up forging scripts, was up to 80 10mg lortab a day, then went to morphine, demerol, fentynal .was arrested, lost my career, detoxed in jail and will have a felony record forever. if you think "that will never happen to me"--i thought exactly the same thing. opiate addiction will ruin your life and it's just not worth it!! STOP NOW while you still have some control!!
kelli bear....I have kinda forged Rx's too. How did you get caught? I'm kinda worried. I have confessed to breaking and entering on 2 occasions, but not that. I stole an Rx pad and forged several (about 10 or 15) Rx's. Not just in my name but also in my mom's and husbands. Two or three of the Rx's had about 2-3 refills each. I wrote them for 7.5 mg lortab about 20-30 count each time. I'm scared to death. If we need to talk privately then cool, but I need to know how they found out you were forging....