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Going on the zone on friday after a 3 year lortab and oxy habbit. I hate the idea and want to get off of everything and while I am afraid Im trading one bad habit to one that is just as bad if not worse but feel like I have no choice. I work a average of 15 hours a day 6 days a week, own my own business, do consulting work with new business owners and sell cars. I have tried to reduce my intake and come off myself and have had very little luck. Within 10 hours of no lortabs or oxy I am in the batroom every 10 to 15 minutes along with abdominal cramps and thats mild compared to the nasuea, joint aches and the feeling of hopelessnes. I have made 48 hours before but by the time I was there was so miserable not able to work and said it wasnt worth it. I know it is worth it because all Im doing now is working to feed my habbit not to improve my life a single bit. Im hoping with the zone I can come off slowly and deal with some sort of controlled WD and not the full blown nightmare. Started taking lortab 10s for severe neck pain but looking back now it was the dumbest thing Ive ever done in my life. The pain was noting compared to the WDs that they cause when you realize they got you.

I plan to take my last 2 tabs around 4am Wednesday morning getting me through that day of work then coming home early from work and hiding till 6am Friday morning when I go in for my intake. I hope thats long enough to get the opiates out of my system so I dont have any major WDs from my initial intake. I pray I can get off everything within 6 months and have my life back.