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:confused:Hi I'm looking for advice on how to walk away from lortabs&other opiates.It's
really starting to wear on me that I cant go a day without at least 2 lortab
10mg.Please somebody help me.
Hi Millissakaye34,
Welcome to our community. I am new myself, Millissa, and please know.....you will not find more caring and supporting people than the ones on this board.

Millissa, when did you start taking Lortab? I am not real sure you have a physical dependency yet.
I have a addiction to percocets (opiates) and I take 20 to 25 10/325 a day.

Please, Millissa, you have time to stop this before it gets bad, like myself, and it will.....I can promise you that.

PLEASE address your concerns with you doctor ASAP. You still have time!

I am going to pray for you, Millissa.....that you call your doctor TOMORROW? DO NOT WAIT!

Love and Support,