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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Well..... thank goodness for kids! Yesterday after I got off work, my kids made me get my butt on the bike and I biked for at least 3 miles. Honestly, I think that helped, I slept like a BABY last night. I am sore today, still full of stomach issues (still no diarrhea, but gassy).

My head feels clear. Last night my husband commented that my eyes looked happy, more clear then usual, not so glassy.

YAY! I'm getting over the hump.

I have to say, when I was getting deeper into my love for Lortab, my friendship skills really went downhill. I started flaking out on people, forgetting birthdays, etc. Last night I actually picked up the phone and conversed with people I haven't conversed with in some time. With a clear mind!!!

I can do this! I will do this! [/FONT]
I was addicted to Lortab for a long time taking 8 to 10 10/325 a day for about eight years. It was to the point where i needed to choose to live or die and one day I was reading a post on another sight that changed everything for me. I couldn't bear the pain on my children walking in and finding their mommy not breathing and laying dead on the couch from an overdose. So i weaned myself down..which was hell but I survived and have been clean since January. You can do this!!! Yes it is hell the cravings, the depression, learning a new routine, etc but you do get through and find new and exciting things to do. Do i still have bad days??? sometimes but I have picked up new activites to do and put all my time into them so it doesn't bother me. Being clean is a great great feeling nothing would ever make me go back to that way of life ever again. Good Luck and hang tough!!