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Try not to be ashamed of yourself. In fact, try to practice good "self talk". Tell yourself you are worth it.... being off of medication is a struggle but in the long run, you will see your spirit return, and people will even mention how "different" you seem to be, but they just can't "put their finger on it" (because they have no CLUE the secret you're hiding).

I am on Day 5 of detox from a daily Lortab habit. Although I did not get as severe as others, I admit... I AM ADDICTED TO PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION!

And its OK for me at this point to admit it only online and not to the whole world. No one knew about it, no one needs to know about it (other then my immediate family).

It is truly AMAZING the support I've found here. Just keep coming back, even if you are still using... I think that will be a BIG help for you.

Love & Light.
Kelly :angel:
Please Don't Feel Ashamed Of Yourself, Your Day Sounds Like Alot Of Days I've Had. The Great Thing Is You Are Begining To Understand And Accept You Have A Problem. I Am Fighting The Same Battle, I Am Glad To Know I Am Not The Only Person Who Thinks About Lortabs First Thing In The Morning. I Been Attempting To Stop Using Myself, But For Some Reason That Little Thought I'll Do Only One Screws Me Up. I Made Not Have Won The Fight Yet, But I Refuse To Give Up The Battle. It's Really Funny I Feel Bad Without Lt's, But I Feel Worst When I Take Them. But Things Have Gotten Better I've Cut Down A Whole Lot.