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If I were you I'd quit taking tramadol immediately. I am a huge pill popper, you could say. I have taken everything from Vicodin, Lortab, tramadol, you name it, as long as it gives me a buzz, I've probably taken it.

The restlessness is definatly from withdrawls. I have never experienced withdrawl from any other pain killer except for Tramadol. The withdrawals are horrible. Restless body syndrome, I call it, and it is the worst ever.

You should be very aware that Tramadol IS very addictive, no matter what they say. I have had several grand mal seizures while taking Tramadol, and I still am having a hard time kicking the habit.

I know that this drug can kill me, and I am not suicidal, but like I said, this drug is the devil and I would advise anyone to stay away from this med!!!!! The pleasure I feel from this drug has taken over my mind, and please STAY AWAY!!!!!! I wish I had never taken it in the first place.