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Thanks to all for the advise and encouraging words. I completely stopped the Subutex because I could not deal with the headaches (and this was only after 3 days). I am trying to figure out what to do next. I am thinking of significantly cutting down on the Subutex to perhaps only one 8mg tablet per day (1/4th at a time).

On my first day of Subutex, I only took one tablet split into fourths. My physician suggested I do this as I was only in withdrawals for 24 hours and he was concerned it could make me sick. It did not make me sick and I felt better. The next day (48 hours into withdrawals), I went all out - 2 8mg tablets in the am and the remaining tablet at noon. By 2:00pm, I had went home sick from work and had a migraine for about the next 48 hours.

I do not want to discourage anyone from taking these meds though. I got stuck on Lortab due to chronic headache issues; however, I thought that Subutex also worked as a pain killer. Perhaps it does; it is simply not good for me. I called my doctor and spoke with one of his nurses who advised me that Subutex does not cause headaches (she is obviously misinformed). On the other hand, perhaps this situation is unique to me, considering my issue in the first place was headaches. He prescribed Imitrex (which I did not take). The pharmacist actually scared me out of taking the Imitrex (pressure on chest, dizziness, etc). Her parting words to me were: "If you decide to take this, make sure you are at home." Not exactly what I expected to hear.

As an FYI since I did a lot of reading prior to seeing the sub doctor about when I could take my first dose, here is my experience:

Monday 8:30am - my last does of hydro (40mg)
Monday 3:30pm - first sub doc appointment.

The doctor suggested I wait 36 hours before taking any subutex but hinted it would be ok to take 1/4 of an 8mg tablet after 24 hours, which is what I did (8:30am on Tuesday). Within 30 minutes, I felt somewhat better so I took another 1/4th an hour later. I then took the remaining 1/2 at 36 hours.

At 48 hours (8:30am Wednesday), I took 16mg of subutex (which both the doctor and pharmacist said was fine to do). Started with slight headache within 1.5 hours. Took another tablet 4 hours later (by that time I had the headache from hell). For the first hour after taking the last Subutex tablet I felt moderately better but quickly disintegrated into a full blown migraine with extreme nausea.

From my experience, it appears ok to take a very small dose at 24 hours into WD's. I post this because I read some information where individuals claim to have taken Subutex at hour 6-8 of WD's (from the information I was given, this seems too soon and you risk making yourself sick).