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Good morning Fiesty,

I can feel your pain. I'm also an addict to pain pills and nobody knows but the people on this board. My addiction started after a hysterectomy 3 yrs ago. I only had access to a fairly large amount of pain meds for a 2-3 month period about this time last yr. I never took large amounts a day and was horrified when I ran out last yr and went through WD. I didn't even realize it was withdrawal, I was too much in denial that I was an addict. Anyway, since then I've only gotten scripts for pain a few times - always bottles of 20. While I exhibited self control with them, I know how much they call your name. I got 20 Lortab last Saturday for a horrible headache that did not leave me until this last Wednesday. It's the longest & most horrible headache I've ever had and I used them just for the pain. I did have 2 left after the headache was gone and took them yesterday just because I wanted to (the addict in me).

I think the valium will help with your shakes and calm you down enough to eat a little and get a little sleep. I am an extremely anxious person and take clonazapam regularly. It certainly is not my DOC, but it does help take the edge off anxiety. As long as you just take the valium to get through the WD's, you should be fine.

I hope you feel better soon.

Best wishes,

I feel your pain and most of all your shame and guilt over your grandchildren. I myself have a problem with lortabs, I've attempted several times to quit I always have good intentions but the desire gets me everytime. This year I stooped to my lowest my addiction has put me into severe depression. I am not talking just feeling blue I am talking refusing to leave my room. I wish I could say my grandkids have parents they could rely on, but thats not the truth. My daughter will do anything, her new high is meth. She sees no harm I understand first hand how hydros mess up your brain chemistry but what I learned about meth is alot worst.
Sorry about the rambling let get to the point, I feel guilty for not giving my kids the things they deserve. This past summer I have not taking them no where, the saddest part is her birthday, she did have a cake but that was it. I spent what extra money I had to get high. I need help for my kids I remeber my childhood I am a adult child of two alcholics. Nothing was every made specail for me, thats why I have always tried too make every holiday and birthday specail. But I am losing the battle right now. I've turned into my mother I have given up on life. How can I be so weak minded and selfish.I have reached my rock bottom I just need a hand to help me up, please rember me in your thoughts