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Morning all, this is my second time going thru w/d. this time is much easier, first time it was 10 mg. percocets, this time its lortab, I havent been on the lortab too long this time I think thats why i'm not having such a hard time with the w/d symptoms, i've tapered too which may have helped, the only things i'm experiencing is a little chilly, which i can deal with but the headache is terrible, I've had it like 3 days now, tylenol and ibuprofen does not seem to be helping, anyone else have just a headache and some chills?? With the perc w/d i had what everyone else has, the worst flu symptoms possible, it was the most horrible feeling but I was not doing nearly as many lortabs as i was the percs. And i did get cranky, hateful and everything else, so my ? is will Clonazepam hlep with the wanting to bite everyones heads off and take the edge off if I do get that way? I have no problem sleeping but I also have lunesta i take 1/2 of a 3 mg. and sleep well, so if anyone has problems sleeping they may want to get some lunesta, it's helped me alot. I swore after the perc w/d I would nto start again, but I have fibroids and cysts and need surgery, till then I will deal with the pain w/o pain pills. IF blue cross would hurry and come thru the pain will be gone, funny how they are slow sending your ins. card but fast taking the $ out of your bank. Anyway, i wish everyone here the best, I know we can all do it and reading these boards helps alot. I've realized that we are all addicts, some more severe than others and if they can do it I CAN TOO, and U CAN TOO!
Have a great day all, I'm going to take a little walk and eat something. Will be back tho waiting on replies. Thx all.
Waratah, Hydros are lorcet, the addictive ingrediant in lorcet, lortab,vicodin and norco is hydrocodone so alot of people call them hydros. Fiesty