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My dr. gave me Lunesta before me going thru w/ds. while going thru w/d, I have found it to work wonders, I take 1/2 of a 3mg. and sleep thru the night. My w/d havent been bad cause i was not on the lortabs too long and I tapered, my only problems are chills and aweful headaches. If you have not told your dr. about the w/d you can just say you are up in middle of night and arent sleeping, I think it could be a major help for those who cant sleep. He gave it to me because even while i was on lortab i couldnt sleep, was emotional which he said may be from lack of sleep, but while waiting on a hysterectomy surgery date, my emotions are all out of whack, going thru w/d at same time is not good, but the lunesta helps me get 7-8 hrs of sleep, thought i'd pass it on if it can help at least one person, I know not sleeping is horrible, for me its the headaches. Keep up the great work everyone, we are on our way and DOING it!!!!!!!!!!