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I am new to this board and I have been poking around reading some of the post and since I decided that I need help I figured I would join this great community and try and kick my addiction. Let me start from the beginning. In May of 2007 I was diagnosed with a testical problem. I was put on a bunch of antibiotics and steriods and oh yeah those little blue devil pills called hydrocodone/lortab. At first I hated taking them because they made me sick so from May 2007 to around September 2007 I only took them when I really could no longer take the pain. Soon after that I was no longer getting sick and liked the way the pills were now making me feel. So from September 2007 to the present which is a little over a year I have been abusing the pills. I have been taking anywhere from 4 to 8 Lortab 10/500 a day. Never more than 8 a day and that has not been many times. I would also like to say that I had a cocaine problem that I kicked on my own over 20 years ago and have not touched it since so I would really like to try and wean myself off of the pills on my own. I have about 50 pills left can anyone suggest what I should start taking starting today to start the weaning process? I also have the week of Thanksgiving off from work so that should help with some of the wd. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
Just wanted to give everyone a update on my progress. I have been taking 4 lortab a day for the past couple of days down from 6 a day and it has not been that bad ( so far). I actually only took 3 yesterday and spent the afternoon out with my wife going to a movie and dinner. The worst part of tapering is the bad headaches and my head feeling really hot so far. The mental part of thinking about the pills and wanting to take more is also very very hard. I do have to say that I started taking one a day vitamins since I started the taper down and I am not sure if they are actually helping me with wd but so far it has not been to bad but I know the worst is still to come. I also purchased sleep md. They are all natural sleeping pills and really do help me to get some sleep at night when all I am thinking about is taking another pill. I keep thinking about my appointment with my urologist on Tuesday and how he is going to react when I tell him the truth. I hope he wants to help me because I really do not want to go cold turkey or the suboxone route. Thanks for listening.
Here is the update from my doctors appointment today. It went great. My doctor was so happy that I came clean. He asked if I had a taper plan and I said yes kinda of. He then said I am going to give you the taper plan. He wants me to go from 6 pills a day for the first week then 5 a week so on until I get down to none. He also wrote my script for lortab 7.5 instead of 10mg. I feel so much better. I now have a plan without the fear of runing out of pills and tapering off to fast. I now know I will DEFINTLY be able to do this. I just want to give a big thanks to tacot and secrets for always replying to my thread. I love you guys. WOO HOO I am on the road to no more pills. I will keep everyone updated daily on how I am doing. I hope everyone is doing good and I am praying for you guys. Lets do it together and I know we will all be sucessful and get are REAL lives back. God Bless!!!:)