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  1. Has anyone had shoulder surgery?
    ... been pretty lucky through this process. I stayed on Lortab the first couple days, but the pain really hasn't...

  2. Anyone have shoulder surgery, need some help
    ... using 2 lb weights for my PT now. I haven't taken my Lortab for the last week, but I relied alot on the Extra...
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  3. Shoulder Impingement/Pain - Something else?
    ... me. It was less painful than I expected. I took Lortab for a couple days after the surgery then I reduced ... to taking Tylenol. Later, on bad days, I took a Lortab at night if I needed it. Overall, the pain wasn't...
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  4. Calcaneous (heel) fracture: surgery or not?
    ... very lucky i wasn't killed or paralyzed.I do take lortab for the pain and was prescribed numerous arthritis...