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I have been reading for a few days and decided maybe if I posted I might get a little insight to my questions. The more I have read the more questions I have. Here is a shortened history. Will be glad to expand on anything if need be.

Sept. 2003, visited my PCP with symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, palpitations, shortness of breath among others that I hadn’t thought anything about until recently. He ordered a complete lab workup with results as following (I will list only those that were H or L and Thyroid):

Glucose 161 (65-109)
Potassium 3.0 (3.5-5.5)
Chloride 94 (96-109)
AST 45 (0-40)
ALT 59 (0-40)
Triglycerides 186 (0-149)
TSH .484 (.350-5.5)
Thyroxine (T4) 9.5 (4.5-12.0)
T3 Uptake 26 (24-39)
Free Thyroxine Index 2.4 (1.2-4.9)
Monocytes 3 (4-13)
A1c 7.0 (4.5-5.7)

Together we decided to see what exercise and diet would do to blood sugar and recheck in 3 months. Recheck liver in 1 month. Started me on potassium one time day. Blood pressure was also elevated considering it had been controlled for years on meds.

I knew that loosing weight would help my blood sugar, so after returning home I committed that I would walk 3-5 days a week for at least 30 minutes and would really watch what I ate. Started reading the connection between liver and diabetes.

The above symptoms kept getting worse. I couldn’t walk 5 minutes and my heart was racing, shortness of breath, chest pains. I was nauseated all the time, if I ate, if I didn’t eat. I had no strength in my arms or legs. But I plugged along.

One-month liver and potassium recheck:
AST 35 (0-40)
ALT 60 (0-40)
Potassium 3.3 (3.5-5.5)

Two weeks later Hepatitis panels run:
All came back negative.
AST 43 (0-40)
ALT 63 (0-40)

After much research I discovered that diet and exercise were the best thing for elevated liver enzymes. Mine were elevated but not to the extreme as many I had read about.

Three month check: Symptoms were not getting any better, but blood work was looking better.

AST 34 (0-40)
ALT 51 (0-40)
A1c 6.8 (4.5-5.7)
Potassium 3.4 (3.5-5.5)

Continued doing what I was and increase potassium to twice a day. Recheck in three months.

A few weeks before my 3 months, I called PCP with palpitations, shortness of breath, hurting in back & chest and left arm. Went right in and off to CCU for 24 hr. observation.

Heart enzymes looked good, some irregular heartbeats, was dismissed to go for stress test later that day. After symptoms worsened during test. I was referred to cardiologist.

He was concerned about the intolerance to exercise (shortness of breath, rapid heart beat), but otherwise a very healthy heart.

One of his first questions was “Have they checked your thyroid and done a liver ultra sound”? He added Atenolol to control the palpitations.

After starting this I have been able to increase my walking and we have been eating very healthy. I have lost a total of 12 lbs since just before the holidays.

I called my PCP, went in for follow up to cardiologist. Still having symptoms, but the palpitations and shortness of breath are better on the new med.

Lab results: Again only H & L and Thyroid listed
Glucose 162 (65-99)
Potassium 3.3 (3.5-5.5)
Chloride 95 (96-109)
AST 47 (0-40)
ALT 79 (0-40)
TSH .305 (.350-5.5)
Thyroxine (T4) 9.8 (4.5-12.0)
T3 Uptake 29 (24-39)
Free Thyroxine Index 2.8 (1.2-4.9)

PCP called with:
1. Continue walking and diet for blood sugar recheck 3 months
2. Increase potassium to three times a day recheck 3 months
3. Consider seeing GI for elevated liver enzymes or recheck in 1 month since they are not very high
4. Slight hyperthyroid, recheck 1-2 weeks

Presently I am on Lotrel for BP, Vivelle for hormones, Potassium, Maxzide, Prilosec, & Atenolol

After reading here and other places, I am wondering if my thyroid could have been causing most of my symptoms all along. Any input and questions I should be asking my PCP is very much appreciated.