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Im 28, 210 recently given a cpap machine for mild sleep apnea. I have been on BP Meds for years now, lotrel 5/20 1x a day, atenolol 50mg 2x a day, paxil cr 12.5 1x a day for anxiety etc.

My blood presssure was pretty tough to get under control for a while, not horrible but 145/90, stuff like that, with the meds. Ive been on cpap for 3 weeks, and have been taking my bp with a machine i have at home. as of right now, it was 114/68 with 61 bpm. And i just took my lotrel and atenolol. Im afraid that i may have over medicated myself! I have to make an appointment with the dr....i nee dto make sure the bp may not have dropped due to the sleep problem being fixed, as i think i ve had this for as long as ive had been diag'd with hpb. it runs in my family, but ithink its getting better.

How low does heart rate drop at night? am i in danger? a little worried... :eek: :eek: