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My husband (40 yr. old, extra 15 pounds on him) has a familial hystory of high BP. I took, for many years, his BP and consistently found it to be 140/90. I kept encouraging him to see his physician. He did. Repeatedly. They brushed him aside and said "Normal". Finally (finally!) it went high enough that someone actually recognized it 160/100. This was during a VERY high stress period. They tried first the same meds his father is taking and that work for his father (Lisinopril). This did not bring it down. They added HCTZ to this. This too did not bring it down. They ceased these meds. They then tried Lotrel 5/20 (I think that's the correct dosage?). This too did not work. They upped it to 10/20 mg day. This is what he has been taking for the past year. Initially it did bring it down some. Remember, we were in a very stressful period, so the very idea of high BP was adding to the stress. He took the med and then we stuck our head in the sand. I took his BP only occasionally, to not add to the stress. It was really never in an acceptable range. Still hovering around 140/90. Sometimes lower but certainly not "normal". Now he must see the physician for a check-up. I have just taken his BP and it is 159/90 (!!!). He is NOT stressed. He has not eaten. He's had no coffee. He just got out of bed! Now he is so confused and depressed. "Why is this happening? Am I going to have a stroke?"

Before the meds he had a full check-up, including chest x-ray and liver and kidney tests etc. etc. to make sure there was nothing primary causing the high bp.

Does anyone have any insight or suggestions? Please.

He sees a new doctor on Monday morning and it would be nice to have some better information under his belt.