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I'm a 44-year old male with Anxiety Disorder. My doctor started me on blood pressure medications about 7 months ago when my anxiety was diagnosed (I had some pretty high readings while I was having some panic attacks). I take 50 mg of Metoprolol twice a day and a 5/10 mg Lotrel once a day. My doctor wants me to increase to a 5/20 mg Lotrel (higher than normal readings at his office). I take a very low dose of Clonazepam, which controls my anxiety very well, and I've lost more than 20 pounds and I run 2-4 miles a day. Lately, most days my blood pressure is about 130-135/75-85. I feel great, but I'm wondering about the switch to the higher dose of Lotrel. Any thoughts? Anyone taking a similar combination? I'm hoping to get away from ALL the medications eventually.

Often at about the 6 month mark, ACE inhibitors begin to be circumvented by the body's learning to make much more Angiotensin-2 via the chymase route rather than the cut off ACE route. This might be what's happening to you. Of course, what happens to the 10 mg. benazapril dose will also happen with the 20.

Why not replace one of your drugs (like the double-drug lotrel) with a diuretic and see what your systolic looks like? Some people who are salt-sensitive do far better on a diuretic.
Would you say that your AVERAGE systolic is in the 130's?

If your goal is eventually to get off these meds, then switching to a higher dose is probably not so good an idea.