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Hi I was wondering are there any side effects from stopping lotrel 5/20 since this in capsule form you cannot slowly stop from taking. Let me know...
Lotrel was the worst of the HBP meds I have taken. I had problems with the 5/10 then Doc put me on the 10/20 and everything was bad. Swelling in my ankles and feet so severe i couldn't walk or wear shoes. A nasty cough that kept me awake ay night and a constant problem with nausea. I stopped taking it as a bad bout of swelling occured when I was out of state and I figured things couldn't get much worse. A week later I saw the Doc and went on Norvasc. The terrible cough seems like a dream and my feet swell a little but nothing like they did on Lotrel. Sometimes the side effects are worse than the actual condition they are being used to treat.