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I just started taking lotrel 5/10 today and was wondering what experiences, good or bad, anyone has had.

I know quarterback Joe Montana is a spokesperson for them; he likes this stuff a lot.

Thanks a lot. :)
Hi LittleNin
I took Lotrel for a while, worked pretty good but had to discontinue it because of the side effects, swollen feet the size of footballs and swollen hands also although not as much as my feet. the effects showed up a month after.
My BP is very high 200/140.......yep! I scare every Dr I see, tell me I'm about to get a stroke any minute, none the less I feel great but they send me straight to the ER. had every test on earth done, NOTHING! I'm otherwise in perfect health, perfect Cholesterol and sugar levels, perfect EchoCardiograms, although I often feel my heart skipping beats.
All Hi blood medicine work fine for a few weeks and then slowly start loosing effect.....my body compensates to keep the blood pressure at that astronomically hi level.
I've taken Accupril, lisinopril, atacand, lotrel, atenolol,Clonodine and many others I dont even remember, presently I'm trying Diovan 380mg for a week now.....I haven't seen any effect yet.
Anyone on this forum has any similar condition??? I would like to hear from you.
I have been taking lotrell 10/20 for the past eight months with good results the main ingredient for me is norvasc which I have been taking for about 12 years. I have been on a diet for the past 3 months, losing 40 pounds. My Doctor is gradually taking me off all the meds, my last readings were 106/69 so I would say losing weight can make a difference.