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I take 50mg Toprol XL once a day. It helps with the shortness of breath and the palapatations, but doesn't help with the other stuff. I also have high blood pressure and was on Lotrel but can't take it with the Toprol because my blood pressure goes way too low. I was doing good on the Tapazole when 3 weeks ago I noticed that all my symptoms were back, even worse. I went to the doctor and my numbers were worse. TSH 0.006 and T4 17.1 . That is why I am going for the radioative uptake test.
This is the craziest thing that I have ever experienced. I was a hyper for years but no one thought to do a thyroid test. I had just changed doctors for my diabetes and had read an article "to demand a thyroid test" I asked, we did and the rest is hyper history.
I am just so amazed at this disorder. It has been so horrible. I am so upset that my family cannot understand it or will even try.
Thanks for listening: