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My pressure is not abnormaly high, but it is unmanagable around 145-92. I've been on 50mg of Metoprolol for nearly 4 months (now 100mg) and it hasn't been effective, (I should mention that before that, I was on Lotrel 5/40 I didn't like the feeling) so the doctor up'd my Metoprolol to 100mg, No problem I adjusted to it fine, but my BP was still unmanagable (NO CHANGE) , Today my doc gives me Micardis 80mg to take together with Metoprolol 100mg.

Is this normal ? My BP did drop in 2 hours to 114-72, but my heart rate also dropped from 60 to 49

I dont want to take more then necessary. I've ready many threads here and saw that a lot of members with similar BP numbers only use Micardis .

Thanks John