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I have been taking the generic for Lotrel CP 5/20MG which is amlodip/Benz cp 5/20.

Thanks for the feedback. I wouldn't stop taking it for just this and no other side effects, or without checking of course with my Phy. That is only wise advice so yes, thank you on that point.

My relationship, thank goodness is very good and we have honest talks on all things too, so that isn't an issue either. It would just be nice to know if it is the drug 'side effect' or going into post menopausal changes.. etc.

The papers on h/p drugs talk about libido but nothing really ever touches the ability to obtain that climatic ending due to reduced sensitivity because of the drug. And that is more the issue then desire for it. Things can be OK, but just not as 'restful' tense ... sorry if wording is unclear.

It is hard being this honest with anyone other then my husband but I just wasn't sure if I was alone on this issue.

Is it in my head..? Is it the meds? Is it stressful days? Multiple reasons? Some girl friends I have had open chats with seem to never have problems with multiple climax's.

not sure ...