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She is keeping you on Norvasc thru all the changes. Most probably you are having a reaction to Norvasc and the addition or subtraction of the other things is being overwhelmed by the Norvasc.

I recently got off Norvasc because I felt it was starting to annoy me after being on it for about a year. About three months ago I had to add 12.5 HCTZ to my Lotrel (which is Norvasc plus an ACE inhibitor).

Long story, short.... I switched to Lisinopril/HCTZ (ACE inhibitor plus diuretic) combo PLUS atenolol (beta blocker, lowest dosage). Off Norvasc all together about a week ago and am feeling better already.

The beta blocker replaces the calcium channel blocker which is Norvasc. I found out my doc doesn't like calcium channel blockers and was happy to switch me. (I had requested Lotrel myself last year (mistake!) and he was letting me try it).
I chose the other drugs as they are Wal Mart $4.00 drugs and are the same meds only cheaper than other name brands.

Anyhow, I had many of the symptoms you were having on Norvasc, just not feeling well even tho BP was OK.

Am starting to feel better now, BP still good at about 117/77 or so. And one more thing, on Norvasc my pulse was 110 or near that, on the beta blocker it is now about 65 to 70. And that has made a big difference to headaches, etc.
Get off Norvasc and see what happens with the other drugs.