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[QUOTE=tamuprof45;3295224]I completely agree re stress and BP, and have long thought it is an under-estimated cause of BP. I find diet, exercise, and taking supplements completely effortless compared to stress management. I cringe whenever a doctor says glibly "well reduce your stress," since to me, the only way that happens is by being dead! I can tell that job stress is an issue for me, as during meetings or lecturing or faced with a deadline, I get that nasty lightheadedness and ringing in the ears.

In the 2 weeks or so since I went to a Dr. to confirm my high BP, it's been interesting to purchase a monitor and take 4 daily BP readings. I'm concerned about becoming obsessive over this sort of thing but I would have to agree with this issue of stress.

After 1 week of a moderate reduction in my BP, the Dr. doubled my Lotrel doseage to 10 / 40. Day 2 saw a decline in BP and I felt relieved. I get up at 4AM to so I can go for my walk / jog and I take my BP before I go. The moment I get out of bed, I have some indication about the BP level but yesterday morning, it was the lowest it had been yet. The next 2 reading were also low until I got ready for bed. I was starting to feel more agitated and it showed up in my BP readings, after a day where I thought it had finally started to trend down. My first reading this morniong was also elevated.

During my exercise period I tried to isolate the stress issues and had some success, though my post exercise BP was still higher than the day before. There are some days when shortly after I take the medication, I feel tranquilized and calm.

To make a long story short, I would have to concur that stress related issues may be right up there with diet and weight for causing problems. I think I'm at the point where I have an idea of my BP based on how I am reacting to given situations.