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It's been about 1 week since the Dr. upped my Lotrel doseage to 10 /40 and in the time, my daily average BP has dropped. I get up at 4AM to get ready to exercise and take the med at 7AM, an hour after I'm finished.

When I get out of bed and take a BP reading, it's invariably high. This morning it was 160 /93. Post exercise, it has a significant drop and the afternoon reading drops into a normal range as well.

Has anyone had their BP dose split between morning and late afternoon or just had the morning dose increased to deal with something like this, or, perhaps had a diuretic added to the mix.


You don't have to be retaining any fluid to benefit from the ACE/ ARB and a diuretic combination. It is a standard and effective combination of medications for hypertension. I agree that ACE Is and CCBs are preferred treatment options in people with (a possible) end-organ damage and other cardiological issues. I hope you had a very thorough workup, including many diagnostic tests, done at the time of your diagnosis PRIOR to commencement of your antihypertensive therapy.


My immediate options were to go into the hospital or remain out and commence with a low dose of Lotrel. By the time of my 2nd appointment, the blood tests were back and there were no renal issues, only elevated cholesterol. Given that and my BP and that I declined to go to the hospital, the medicine protocol was within boundaries. I guess the next options might be to add a diuretic while keeping or subtracting the CCB.

Do CCB's require some gradual as opposed to abrupt withdrawal?