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On visit to my Dr. yeaterday and 3 weeks into my medication regimen (10 days with Lotrel 5 / 20, upped to 10 /40), I thought my numbers were still elevated. He maintained that since I had no evidence of edema or other fluid retention and that my DIA # was trending consistently under 90, he would prefer to give the meds, diet and lifestyle some more time before considering a change to the medication. I thought I was a slam dunk for the addition of HCZ but this guy thought otherwise.

In a sense, I'm relieved by a rush not to medicate but the feedback I see here points to diuretics as a first line of treatment. Then again, my initial readings were in the "morbid" category which I imagine needs a different protocol.

Thank you for the comments. There are some interesting treatment charts and algorithms for dealing with various HBP scenarios but I agree with you, few people could keep all of this stuff in their head and apply it intelligently to a wide variety of patients who come through the door each day. In many ways, medicine is an art as much as it is a science. A good practitioner has probably developed an excellent intuition to back up clinical knowledge.

My lipid panel was very much in the negative zone and at the 2nd visit where my Lotrel dose was increased, I was prescribed a statin. At my vist yesterday, the Dr. was looking for new blood test results and I pointed out that I didn't think it made sense to have the same test 1 week apart so I'll redo my original lipid panel and kidney function stuff after about a 6 week interval.

At that point, I'll be curious if increased exercise, significant diet change and reduced calorie intake have changed my overall picture.

In the meantime, I'm thankful to be feeling quite healthy and am grateful for your comments and the resources of this board.

By accident, I came accross some posts by "Cobaltblue" and he listed some very dramatic changes to his health and physical well being. My guess is that if problems diminish, posting might decline but it would still be useful to see the results of progress in people's lives.

Inspiration is a tonic on it's own!