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I know that for me, stress would trigger a desire to eat which led.......Since being diagnosed with HBP, I've radically altered my diet (about 1600-1800 calories per day) and coupled with 6 days of exercise per week (3 miles slow jog, 1.6 mile brisk walk), I've managed to lose about 20lbs since October 25th. During the time I began this new "regime", my Lotrel dose was increased from 5/20 to 10 /40. At present, my BP runs about 95 - 110 / 65 -70 after exercise and about 115 - 125 / 0ver 70 -75 at other points during the day.

It's only been in the last 7 days that these readings have averaged lower and I was a little aggravated that the exercise / diet / meds routine was not yielding more "spectacular" results. For the last week though, I felt significantly less stressed and less apprehensive before a BP reading. Most times, this leads to a lower reading, resulting in less post-reading stress!

Exercise is a profound stress reducer. When I get done with my little routine, I can feel a wave of calm. Even then, the temptation to get off the diet is still pretty great. At the end of the day though, it's basically a calorie in calorie out situation, with exceptions for differing metabolic rates. The challenge there of course is for the person who can maintain 1 lb of body weight with a 10 calorie intake, VS the person who might use 15 calories to maintain 1lb.

I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I'm pleased with the results after about 40 days and it provides me with the motivation to keep going. Prior to this, I was significantly overweight, very stressed and had the BP #'s to prove it! Set some reasonable goals and measure your progress. In the course of my life, I've been a very slim, fit and healthy runner with normal BP and lipids, up to my present state. Barring any congenital condition that is immutable, most of this is within your control and you will rejoice in your own progress.

Best of luck!