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[QUOTE=famnd;3362838] Anyhow I'm gearing up for a major lose weight effort. Read some enlightening info that really seals the need for weight loss which I will post later.

Pardon me for taking the liberty to respond to these comments, but this topic is of some interest to me. According to BMI guidelines, I was obese, weighing 274lbs on a frame "suited" for 185-190lbs. Even at that weight, I exercised regularly, up to 7 days per week. Although I knew I was overweight, I talked myself into believing that the exercise at least enabled me to be careless and indulgent with my diet.

By accident, I happened to take a BP reading while my wife from was taking that of an elderly neighbour - the results were shocking. A trip to the Dr. 1 week later saw a reading of 185 / 112 and I had lost some weight in the interim! It was straight to Lotrel 5 / 20 and 10/40 about 8 days later when the readings were still high. In addition to elevated BP, I also had dodgy lipid readings, which appear to go hand in hand with high BP.

With the internet, there is a staggering amount of information available and forums such as this provide excellent feedback on specific experiences. Because of the variety of experiences people have on different medications, it's difficult to say what is absolutely good or bad. The result of that is we have to take a Dr.'s advice and work from there. Nonetheless, the perspective here is invaluable in calibrating the information we receive.

Which brings me back to this lifestyle / weight issue. Had I gone to the Dr. in a healthy weight range and practicing good dietary habits, an elevated BP reading would really have aggravated me. As it was, the aggravation was tempered by the knowledge that in no small part, I had directly contributed to my condition. That realization is also empowering, becuase it reveals that the ability to reverse our condition, to some extent, is within our control.

Through 12/14/2007, I have lost almost 30lbs and upped the intensity of my exercise regimen (in addition to a radical modification of diet). My post exercise BP readings in the morning have ranged between 90-115 / 60-65. Other readings during the day might range from 115 - 135 / 65-75.

I have read from various sources that Sys BP drops about 1 point for every 2 lbs of body weight lost. On that scale, mine would have the potential to drop 40 points by just getting into a normal weight range. I suspect though that when we get down to a certain point, the drop may accelerate somewhat. Even if we get to these lower levels and we still have some elevations in BP, our overall health situation is still vastly improved.