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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3384***]I assume you posted your cholesterol levels on the cholesterol board?

FG, I did but I'll put them into this thread. "Beerzoids" and a poster on the cholesterol board "Cobaltblue" have offered excellent chronicles of their journey to respectable health. I really enjoy the wealth of anecdotal evidence here but I also find it useful to read specific things. Of course, we have to do this in the context of privacy and avoiding voyeurism.

On 10/29/07 my lipids were: TriG-262, TCh-270, HDL-37,LDL-181, Glucose-107.

On 12/10/07, #'s were: TriG-117, TCh-164,HDL-39, LDL-102, Glucose -93.

On 10/29 my in office BP was 180 /130 (Initial Lotrel dose of 5/20 upped to 10/40 after 5 days)

On 12/10 in office BP reading was 130 / 79.

My weight went from 266 to 246 and presently is around 238-240. I should add that at my first office visit, I was also prescribed 40MG of Pravachol. After the 2nd results, the Dr. stated that he believed the biggest impact of the statin was on LDL and the rest was mainly diet and exercise.

From a dietary standpoint, I basically followed a glycemic index outline for the foods I consume and limit my daily caloric intake to between 1600-1800 calories per day. Eliminating the most glaring refined carbohydrates was an effort at first but I've discovered that certain cravings I always had are diminished significantly or gone. I have to watch out for a "reflexive" eating pattern though - where I'd just keep eating as if it were a task of sorts.

My daily exercise regimen consists of a 3 mile jog and 1.6 mile brisk walk.

For me, the biggest motivator was not HBP or even cholesterol but blood sugar. I knew that HBP and lipid problems were enough of a challenge on their own without adding the complication of diabetes.

For many years, I've consumed various supplements and still do, but I do not view them as any sort of magic bullet for chronic conditions - they are merely an adjunct to other healthy practices.

I am 55 years of age, 6'02" and just before I set off for the Dr. re my HBP, I was about 274lbs. By NIH standards, that is obese. It is suggested that each 2lbs of weight we lose causes a 1pt drop in Sys pressure, which is a further encouragement to me in terms of reducing / eliminating medications.

I hope that none of this sounds preachy or triumphalist because I've been down this road before. 15 Years ago I weighed 80lbs less and was in great health but over time, drifted away.

Knowledge and control are vital to our over all physical wellbeing and one area in which I do have some control is in getting to a point, weight wise, where I can stand in front of the Dr. and eliminate my weight and lifestyle as contributing factors to my condition. In previous years, a motivation might have been vanity and while to a lesser extent it still is, the overiding goal is to minimize the medical intervention required for my wellbeing.