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Several days ago, my Lotrel dose was reduced from 10/40 to 5/40 with 5/20 next, when my present supply runs out in 2 weeks.

The first couple of days, I didn't notice any difference, especially during my exercise regimen, where all physical and mental conditions manifest themselves!

3rd Day, my post exercise BP reading was 20 points higher on the systolic side, but still "normal" at 120. The overall feeling from the dose change was like going from a tranquilized to a normal state, even theough the new normal felt like my pulse was racing . Additionally, during the most strenuous portion of my exercise, I was aware of a little more burning sensation in my lungs and a slight tightness in the chest area.

I have to admit that when this occurred, my first desire was to reach for a little 5MG tab of Amlodipine and augment my dose. When upping my initial dose of 5/20 to 10/40, that transition was weird and now another version of change.

Do we become too sensitive to the fluctuations of our body chemistry?