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[QUOTE=famnd;3482284]Thanks, Demer for the reminder about wt. loss & decreased b/p.

Are you on a beta blocker? Every time I try to increase the intensity of my exercise, I get extreme fatigue. I'm on an alpha/beta blocker called Labetalol.

Since I'm on a diuretic, I have to be & sure to get enough potassium. My current servings seem to keep my potassium levels at the desired point.

I hope to uncover some correlation between my food intake & my b/p.

I agree that one's food plan needs to become second nature & a part of a active lifestyle. I call mine a Life Long Healthy Diet with tasty food. Nothing is forbidden in limited amounts. Since I too have a lot of weight to lose, I don't want to feel deprived which would drive me to eat too much. Glad you could join us. Fam

My current prescription is for 5mg of CCB, 20MG ACE. I'm running out my supply of Lotrel 5/40 and will switch in a week or so.

I've heard of the fatigue issues on your beta blocker and am not sure what can be done to counter that effect - I imagine it's quite discouraging. Restricted caloric intake and even a moderate amount of exercise will reduce your weight which in turn should reduce the amount of med you require.

Each of us who have been overweight hardly need reminding that weight loss is good but perhaps it bears repeating just how much you will benefit from it!

I hear conflicting stories as to whether people must remain on BP meds for life but one of my goals is to get my physical parameters to the point where they can't be blamed.

Best wishes as you go forward and find your shadow shrinking!