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Hi everyone,
Not asking for specific medical advise, just trying to figure out if this sounds normal. I am a 25 year old female.I went to doctor and BP was 144/80, this was the first time it has been high at this doctors office. In the past I have had BP be high at medical office and normal at home. Anyway my doctor seemed vey concerned, and did not believe that it is usually normal. Also because my mom and grandma both had high BP he decieded to put me on meds.He gave me Lotrel 5/20mg. I took the meds 2 times, and both times my BP dropped to 86/40-92/50 with a pulse of 120. I have not taken them again and plan on finding a new doctor. In the last week with no meds my avg BP is 122/77 with pulse of 68.

Is it normal for someone to be diagnosed with hypertension after one high reading, and put on meds when it is only 144/80. I dont feel like I should be on meds and do not want this diagnoss on my chart at my age if not necessary.