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Help please!!!!!!
I started having trouble breathing especially when laying down, then my feet, ankles and whole lower body swelled up to my waist. This is the 5th time this has happened so far. Always fill tired. I finally broke down and went to ER. Doctor there said I had Congessive Heart Failure and set me up with a doctor. That doctor had a echo done and a cardeolite stress test done. Can any one tell me what these results mean. My doctor just says that I have CHF and put me on medicene. Toprol 200mg, furosemide 20mg, and lotrel 5-20mg. I am at a loss here. I asked for a copy of the echo and this is the impression of echo. Is this something I really need to worry about. It is really upsetting husband and me. Mitral insufficiency, moderate. Moderate left atrial enlargement. Ejection fraction 50%. Left ventricular hypertrophy accordin to M-mode managements. Tricuspid insufficiency, moderate. Pulmonic valve insufficiency. No pericardial effusion. I am a 58 year old female. Work 40 hours a week. Any thing would be helpful. Thanks