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I was taking Lotrel a while back. I came off of it and controlled the BP with weight loss, diet and supplements. I needed some minor surgery and the docs made me come off the supplements and yup...the BP soared!
So now they put me back on meds so I can have the surgery(no supplements before surgery but meds OK~~~go figure :confused:

Doc prescribes Lotrel(same dosage), but now amlodipine and benazepril is available generically from Teva~~~it simply does not seem to work.

Anyone else with this issue? I researched the generic and it seems the big difference is how the 2 active ingredients are physically separated in the capsule...no other reported issues such as effectiveness, but it may be too soon(it was only released last year)
I'm going to have the doc write a script as 'daw' to get the Lotrel...
we'll see what happens
well, got the doc to write it "daw" after doubling up on the generic(2X a day) for over a week with no significant change in pressure
3 days on the same dosage Lotrel 1X day, BP readings morning and night now 120s/low 80s...

so there's the proof IMHO that there IS a difference.....