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I take 50 mg Metoprolol twice daily and a 5/20 mg Lotrel once daily for high blood pressure. My blood pressure is very much under control. Here's my question, though. I run and lift weights to try to stay in shape. My resting heart rate is about 60, but it can be lower. For example when I wake up in the morning, it's about 45. What should my target heart rate be for aerobic exercise? I'm 46 years old, and the charts all say my target rate should be about 145 or so. But I have to work pretty hard to get my heart rate up to 145, and then I feel uncomfortable. If I work out at my comfort level, my heart rate gets up to about 110, maybe 120. How do I step down the commonly published target heart rates for beta blocker use? Is the lower heart rate just as good for us beta blocker users? Does anyone have any experience or ideas? Thanks.