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I'm writing for my husband, because he has given up. First of all he is 51 years old, and is in pain 24/7. His whole body aches! His biggest complaint is this weird buzzing or zipping in his head, he calls them zingers, they only last maybe 5 or 10 seconds, afterwards, he is soo lathargic he can hardly move. He is tired ALL the time, falls asleep standing up. He has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and had some polyps removed from his nasal passage, also a soft pallet operation, which messed him up totally. Sometimes his food will come out of his nose. Anyway...He just hurts all over. His medication is as follows: Lotrel for blood pressure, cymbalta for depression, prilosec for acid reflux and a pill for the sleep apnea, its actually a diet pill, that is supposed to act as a upper. But even that don't help. We have been to several doctors for several tests, and opinions, still nothing. It seems like they don't have enough time to listen to all the symptoms!! OR----they just don't know what to do first. I forgot to mention he has headaches right between his eyes, and his vision is getting bad, hes very moody and depressed, and his neck hurts all the way thru to his shoulders, he says his bones & muscles just ache so bad it makes him sick to his stomach. Its getting harder and harder for him to get up and work, let alone anything else. He says his quality of life is just not worth living. HE IS NOT SUCICIDLE. Could this be lyme disease?
Any kind of help is going to be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!!:dizzy:
I have a thread on another site, but no one has answered, and we need help quick. My husband is 51, and keeps having what he calls zingers in his head, he says its hard to explain but its like a quick zip, or bolt of lightening feeling leaving him very drained afterwards. He does have sleep apnea, but nothing has helped that either. He can fall asleep standing up!! He has headaches between his eyes, and twitching below his eyes, numbness in his hands, swollen ankles and legs up to the knee, mood swings, depression, irritability, and he feels so exhausted all the time. Its getting harder and harder for him to get up and go to work, or do anything!! We have been from Dr. to Dr. and he has been on alot of different meds, currently he is on lotrel, for blood pressure, wellbutrin for depression, prilosec for acid reflux, and a diet pill for his sleepiness, it helps a little, cause when he don't have any, he cannot function at all!! Still he says his quality of life is not worth living, cause he can't do anything. I've read that these symptoms usually end up being lyme disease, does anyone know if thats possible, and what tests need to be run to find out? Thank you