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My husband has this all the time because he 'drools' at night. It's so bad that his pillow is always yellow from the stains as well as the pillowcases. I have to buy him new pillows all the time. It is a yeast infection of the skin in that area where it is constantly irritated by being wet all the time. Lotrisone ointment will help, but if you cannot get a prescription for it, you can use over-the-counter Lotrimin. It will say it is for athletes foot on the label, but since athletes foot is also caused by yeast (infection), it will help.

Yeast is NOT a bacteria, which is why the anti-bacterial ointment hasn't been helping. The infection stems from the site being wet all the time, and the body's natural "anti-bodies" (being of the yeast family themselves) will gather at the site in an attempt to ward off what it believes is an 'invader'. When it finds no true 'invader' to ward off, the spores turn against good healthy tissue, which in turn allows a yeast infection to develop.

Gargle with a mixture of 1/3rd mouthwash, 1/3rd peroxide and 1/3rd water every night before bed and again after brushing your teeth in the morning. Apply the ointment as needed during the day.