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My girlfriend was just diagnosed with genital herpes yesterday by her doctor and we had sex this weekend. The first thing that of course happened was people throwing blame at each other and we had both been tested previously and nothing had been found on either one of us. over the course of the next 24 hours i started thinking back about my past and the only thing that came up was this wierd thing i had to go to the doctor for once. I got these slightly rasied lumps in a small cluster but they weren't blisters and the girl i had been with said she had, had a really bad yeast infection.

I just assumed it was the male form, because i have this terrible habit of sleeping in my clothes, sweatig a lot at night and i did go to the doctor who use his little blue light and checked me out and did a scrape and tested it as well.
He gave me something called Lotrisone and within a few days it was healing completely and a few days later it was almost gone. After a week it was like nothing had ever happened and i was fine.

This girl had some kind of female problem with being insulin resistant and somehow it effected her bacteria inher pubic area and it seemed like every time we'd sleep together i'd getlike one bump or two, usethe lotrisone an it'd be gone.

But after finding out about my girlfriend i'm wondering if the doctor was wrong who didn't even test for herpes and i've had it all along and never known. I've never considered what i had as a breakout it never itched, burned, or anything, except some itching the first time. Now the thing that comes to mind is that it was the dr's assistant i saw and not the regular doctor.

What do you think ??? thank you in advance i see a doctor on thurs.