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i am a 29 year old male that has herpes. the tip of my penis is always irritated. just the rubbing against my underwear can often be unpleasant. sometimes, the tip appears to be slightly red, others not. it at times affects my erections. it is hard to get and keep. other times not. i have not had sex in over a year, primarily due to this problem. i am told by my doctor that this is not a symptom or side effect of herpes, and was prescribed some lotrisone cream, which didnt really help. last year, after 3 months of suffering with this problem, i had a small outbreak, and about a month later, this problem seemed to go away. a few months later, after a stressfull day, a felt a pain in my groin area. then this problem again. this time the doctor (both my main doc and a urologist) couldnt find anything wrong and told me to wait it out. well, 6 months later, i am still waiting it out. anyone have any idea what this is and how to get rid of it?