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Good thread. I just saw my doc on Tuesday for a yeast infection that she said, spread to the vulva... it was just very red, rashy, itchy, and irritated. She said when it gets to that point, it's good to see the doctor. She gave me two Diflucan (one to take on day 1, the other to take on day 5) and some cream, Lotrisone (Clotrimazole to clear the infection and betamethasone to help with symptoms), to use for two weeks regardless. It is helping a lot. It took 24 hours to feel relief from internal symptoms, but the external symptoms were helped by 1 or 2 applications. She also said that especially in the heat, it is very important to keep the area dry when you are treating a yeast infection. Yes it's difficult, but a paper towel stuck in the crotch of your underwear works well, and I think it has made all the difference. IMO, I'd call your doctor now... I'm thinking it would say on the back of the Monistat box that if the infection wasn't gone in 7 days, call a doctor.