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I have this unbearable itching in the anal region. It comes and goes anytime during the day or night. I've had this for as long as I can remember. It is driving me insane. I try my best not to scratch but sometimes I just can't help it. In the past year, I have also started itching in the front by the pubic hair near the right thigh. Now I have 2 spots that are itching like crazy. I have gone to see the doctor and all they tell me is that it's a rash. I was prescribed Lotrisone, which worked wonders. I applied it twice daily for about a month. The itching miraculously went away for about a month and a half after I stopped using the Lotrisone, and then it returned. :confused: This is driving me crazy. I haven't had a good nights sleep forever. I always find myself scratching in the middle of the night. And when scratching, the area seems to be moist, and the moisture has a horrible odor. My significant other has also developed this problem similar to mines with the anal itching. She said she has never had this problem before. Did she get it from me? Please give me any clues as to how I can take care of this problem or get rid of it. It has made my life terrible. Things that I have also tried are : cortaid, hemorriodal creams, anti-fungal sprays...none of which seems to help. Anyone with an answer or similar situation please let me know what you are doing. Thanks