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First, I have had one sex partner my entire life, my current husband. I was diagnosed with renal stone disease 2 years ago and have had stents and multiple procedures. Well, during this time, I started having skin breakdown where the labia majora and minora meet... basically the skin would split apart, usually at night. I would treat it with Lotrisone and it would be gone by the next morning. I also started having burning pain during sex. I went to the OB/GYN. She said everything looked healthy, but ran multiple swabs, all of which came back negative. Waited until all procedures for stones were done and went back to my OB/GYN again because I was still having burning pain during sex. OB/GYN swabbed for bacteria and yeast which came back negative. She referred me to a new doc in her practice who is a urogynecologist. She did an exam and the first thing she asked me was if I had a history of herpes. (She said I had what looked like a fissure.) I told her no and she continued to look then said she was going to swab for viruses. It didn't dawn on me that she still was thinking herpes until she asked her nurse for the herpes swab. Now I am desperately having to wait the entire weekend, b/c the results werent in yet. I have never had a lesion down there. Don't know what is going on! Tonight was the first time I have found "cuts" "fissures" and "tears in skin" on the internet listed as a symptom of herpes. Did my husband cheat on me? I am very upset.