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Patient has a regimen change for the past 1 month.

We addressed some issues with the doctor and he changed the regiment to a 'safer level'.

Vocodin, 10/600 mg - 4x per day {down from 6 pills}
Neurontin, 300 mg - 11x per day {unchanged}
Morphine, 15 mg - 4x per day {double dose}
Paxil, 20 mg - 1x per day at night {new pill}

I took the patient off Lovastatin and will try to
regulate cholesterol via natural methods.

After 1 week, the patient was a zombie so I reduced
morphine to only 3 pills per day, subtracted 1 pill.

After 3 weeks, this pain regiment dropped the patient's
pain score from a number 8 to number 6.

Two weeks ago, dietary supplements were added,
you can read about this here;

The question remains, what caused the pain level to
drop a little bit?

Pills removed from the regiment are;
*Two vicodin pills

Pills added to the regimen are;
* 1 morphine pill
* 1 paxil pill
* dietary supplements

Today, we took the patient off Paxil and will try this
for a few days to see what happens.

Final note, the dietary supplements are dropping blood
sugar levels as the patient is T2 diabetic. Insulin intake
has dropped alot.