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I am posting here for my cubemate at work and I told him I thought his total cholesterol was too low. It is presently at 130. His doctor has him taking Niaspan (1500 mg.) and Lovastatin (40 mg.)
The doctor recently increased the dosage of the two above drugs from 1000 mg. and 20 mg. respectively. I told my friend that I thought I had read somewhere that any reading below a total cholesterol of 150 is dangerous.
Can anyone support this claim?
You might try some of the following. Look up Golomb low cholesterol and increased mortality. Dr. GOlomb is the project leader for the UCSD Statin Study. The Japanese tese was the Japanese Lipid Intervention Trial (J-LIT). The mevalnate pathway should also be of interest as stains medications cause a flaw at the very beginning of the pathway that just cascades as the pathway progresses. Another paper that does give statins some "deserved" credit it the paper LDL Cholesterol "BAD" cholesterol or Bad Science. it was in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 10, Number 3, Fall 2005. A Test by Weitz-Schmidt and coworkers modified lovastatin (therefore making a desinger drug). Their drug completely disabled the cholesterol lowering activities, but many of the other properties were still beneficial. I never said before that statins could not help with heart disease. I did say I believe, and many others, that statins ability to help is NOT due to its cholesterol lowering properties. Many test and trails support this. The problem with the statin studies is that they report Heart related problems. WHile it is probably true (in most groups) that heart incidents are reduced, overall all-cause mortality is greater. In the PROVE Trial with touted higher doses of statins, and lower cholesterol is better there was not a difference in the all-cause mortality..because of the increase in the noncardiovascular deaths. In many of the tests (statin trials) improvements were seen before cholesterol was reduced. By reading the trials, it is easy to see how the results were manipulated so that the desired results were reported. I don't mean by manipulated, changing the results. Just what was reported and what wasn't. If you ask the White Star Line (Titanic) if their passengers arrived in New York. They could truthfully answer yes. We know the rest of the story.