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Last week my doctor put me on blood pressure meds because my blood pressure has been running 190/90. They did blood test and today I got my results.

Total LDL 203
Total HDL 58
Total VLDL 46

Triglycerides 422

I know that everything is extremely high. My doctor put me on Lovastatin 40mg and told me to find a good low cholesterol diet. I have been looking for diets for low cholesterol with something to help with the high triglycerides (which means LOW CARB) and haven't found anything. Does anyone know of a good diet or a suggestion of where I can go online to find one??? I have got to get this stuff under control. My doctor said I am a very good candidate for a heart attack and I am wayyyyyyyyyy too young for that.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks and keep smiling!!!